Museum of Philately Oaxaca City

The MUFI, Museum of Philately , the unique museum dedicated solely to the postal art in Latin America, was opened in 1998 in Oaxaca City. It is located in a colonial building on 504 Reforma Street in the downtown. It has more than 200 thousand items related to the post service.

Hall of Introduction

Philately is the Art of collecting mail stamps. It also means to collect, gather, order, and examine antique and contemporaneous letters, envelopes, rubber stamps, and books that help us understand how the mail has reached its final receiver.
It is maybe the most popular hobby all over the world because stamps are easy to obtain and manage due to their small size.

It was on August 1st 1856 when the Mexican government put into circulation the first mail stamps with the effigy of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, one of the Mexican heroes in the Independence of the country.

Hall: Sala Grande

This hall is mainly dedicated to temporal expositions. The work of the artist Saul Kaminer is on display at this hall. This artist considers that his sculptures are architectonic models. The traditional mail boxes are considered as pure architecture in small scale, almost a tiny building, imagined to host their own inhabitants, the letters.

Hall: La Boveda

This hall has the collection of mail stamps, ordered chronologically, since the beginning of Philately which dates back to 1864, and pre Philately from 1802.

Frida Kahlo

At La boveda, there are about thirty genuine letters written by the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo who sent them to her Doctor Leo Eloesser. The letters were donated by Juan Pascoe who received them from Joyce Campbell. Theses letters gave birth to the book: "Querido doctorcito" (Dear Doctor). The book is available at the library of the museum and also on sale and it costs 500 pesos. It is supposed that the artist and her doctor had an affair. The book also has photos of paintings, the Blue House, where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera lived and that is a museum in Mexico City nowadays. The book also includes photos of prostheses and corsets the artist wore after her accidents.

Library Jose Lorenzo Cossío y Cosío

This library has more than 6000 books and its name is alter one of the greatest mail stamps collector who also donated many books.

Souvenirs store

If you want to take souvenirs home, you could purchase stamps, small collections of stamps, pins, rubber stamps, postcards, magazines, and a large range of items related to mailing letters.

The museum also offers workshops to kids and adults. They teach how to remove mail stamps in order to keep them well conserved for collections.

Do you remember the joy of receiving a letter from a relative or friend? Due to technology advances, including of course electronic mail, the traditional mail is being lost. The museum really makes us reflect about the last time we sent or received a letter. Visitors are given with a post card which can be sent from the mail box of the place. Maybe this postcard will surprise an old friend of your hood, or one of your beloved ones. Imagine his or her face when receiving it. It is pretty sure that it will provoke a big smile and he or she will return back the joy with another one.

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