Prehispanic Art Museum Rufino Tamayo

Rufino Tamayo Pre-Hispanic Museum House

Tradition tells us that this house was still a dwelling in the 18th century, home of the delegate of the commissary general of the "Bull of the Holy Crusade". In this same house the official publication of the aforementioned bull was made, for which a date was appointed for the act to take place; the faithful would meet in the street in the appointment time, from the balcony of the only top room that exists in the house, the delegate would give an allusive sermon to the town, read out the bull and advise the faithful that they of course take a copy of it. This custom disappeared some time later. The preventive office of holy inquisition was established in this house. The final years of the 18th century were disastrous for the city. Most of the buildings were turned down by heavy earthquakes. The house was also in a ruinous state and, having become private property, it was rebuilt. this work ended in 1802.

Some time later this house became once again part of the assets of the church and, in 1856, passed into the hands of the government of the state, which set up a school for girls with the name of "Amiga Nacional" and later on a boys school.

At the beginning of the 20th century the electrical energy and power service was installed here, hence its name became "The Electricity House". it also served as lodging for military groups. It was subsequently left abandoned. The roofs caved in, making a reconstruction necessary, and was bequeathed to the archive in 1930.

The civil registry office and the public property registry were here. At the time of the government of Mr. Victor Bravo Ahuja it was occupied and, in 1970, it was transferred to the couple Olga and Rufino Tamayo, who undertook the cost of its complete restoration.

On January 29th, 1974, the Rufino Tamayo Pre-Hispanic Art Museum was inaugurated, which houses the collection of items donated by the painter.

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