Miahuatlan Historical Town hall Museum

This small museum is located in the building of the Town Hall of Miahuatlan de Porfirio Diaz, Oaxaca.

This site of the south part of the Central valleys, 100 kilometers from Oaxaca city, takes its name from the Nahuatl word Miahuatl that means ear of corn and Tlan that refers to a place or site. It former name was Pelopeniza, a word in Zapotec language that refers to a water spring, and was founded by zapotec Pichina Vedella. Time after, Mexica Moctezuma Ilhuicamina, the fifth king of Mexico, arrived to this place, in 1457, conquered the Zapotecs and change the name.

The Miahuatlan museum displays ceramic that has been found in the surroundings of Miahuatlan, specially at Cerro Gordo; there are pots, cajetes, knives and axes made of stone, funeral glasses. There is a wooden-carved bull. Many local people have donated antique coins, pieces of ceramic, human bones found in San IsidroGuixe which belonged to zapotec tombs.

Miahuatlan is called a Heroic city because on October 3rd 1866, the Mexican Republican army commanded by General Porfirio Diaz defeated the French imperialist army. The battle of October 3rd is the main civic celebration in this city.

The museum has a painting of Don Porfirio Diaz and there is a list of local heroes. As said before, local people have donated old riffles, bayonets, and pistols that were used in that battle.

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