One of the most extraordinary Mexican traditions is the Day of the dead. The date when the souls of the beloved ones will pass the gate and the living ones will receive them with colored and decorated tables to spend a special time once a year

In Oaxaca fruit flavored water is given to visitors and passerbys as a rooted local custom. People who visit Oaxaca in Lent can enjoy refreshing fruit drinks and also ice cream which are given out free.

La Guelaguetza is simply the main festivity of Oaxaca. It is the meeting of the seven regions of the state at El Cerro del Fortin or Fortin Hill two Mondays in July in the most colorful dancing fiesta of the whole country.

The San Miguel cemetery is one of the many sacred places of Oaxaca where magic explodes in thousands of candle flames, softly swirling in the night wind of November.

Travel Guide Exploring Oaxaca

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