Hog Nosed Coon Huatulco

The sympathetic and smart Hog Nosed Coon

One of the most attractive animals of the low forest of Oaxaca's coastal region is the Coati or Tejon, also called coatimundi, and in English hog nosed coon. this naughty and scotting animal of night and daylight habits lives in numerous families. Exploring Oaxaca, in order to take photographs of these beautiful animals, advanced into a hill of the low jungle near Santa Cruz Bay in Huatulco. It would be very easy for this website just to copy and paste a picture from the web, we preferred having an original picture and to live the experience in the natural habitat of this animal.
Since 8 pm we hike on the hill near Santa Cruz. Hidden in the forest and feeling the tropical heat of this port, we patiently waited on the back drop of the hill. Two hours later, from the deep of the forest came the sound of footsteps over the fall en leaves. We stayed motionless and silent. It was a big surprise, a whole family of six members of tejones approached toward us, always smelling everything. They surely noticed our presence because, after doubting, they changed their way in other direction.

These sympathetic animals belong to the family of procionids. Their classification is Nasua Narica. They eat everything, they are omnivorous, from insects, eggs, birds, reptiles, and whatever they find around houses. These small mammals seems like a raccoon, but with a thinner body, longer tail, and short snout, like a pig's snout but longer and mobile.Their ears are short, as well as the paws, and their tails are ringed.

Their eye-catching tail and fur have been looked for by hunters, fortunately in Oaxaca hunting is prohibited and tejones are not in danger.
The tejon is one of the most representative animals of the low dry forest, a smart and clever animal, able to adapt itself to the tourist complex and its inhabitants.
any people adopt tejones as a pet due their tenderness, playfulness, and beauty when they are cubs but, when they are adults they become very aggressive and ferocious and, unfortunately, people abandon them in the forest and they die because are unable to hunt by themselves or to adapt to another family which, by the way, are very aggressive to strange members. These beautiful animals are not a good choice for a pet and sale or traffic is prohibited by federal laws.

Let's enjoy the natural resources which this beautiful state offers, always respecting and making respect the ecosystems and its inhabitants.

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